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So, many of you love World Sleep Day, isn’t it? As we all love sleeping and World Sleep Day encourage people to sleep and why they do so we’ll find it further in this article.

When World Sleep Day celebrated in 2021?

World Sleep Day is celebrated on 19th March 2021.

Why World Sleep Day 2021 is celebrated?

When World sleep day 2021 celebrated

When we talk about World Sleep Day and we want to really bring awareness of the importance of sleep is because it affects so many areas of functioning, it affects the cardiovascular system.

It affects glucose control. Illa fix. Our memory. Our learning, our behavior, our emotions.

So it is very, very important to be aware of having a good sleep schedule and World Sleep Day encourage us to know more about our sleeping pattern. Regular sleep routine but also to be able to identify and recognize a sleep disorder. Because you can do everything right.

Go to bed at the right time. Wake up at the right time. Try to get a restful sleep. Have a regular diet. Avoid caffeine and if you’re still waking up at night, you may have a sleep disorder and you need to be evaluated.

World Sleep Day tells us the importance of sleep during vaccination

There was a study with the influenza vaccine that show that people who were sleep deprived the week before getting the vaccine did not produce enough antibodies after the vaccine compared to the people that slept goodnight. The right amount of sleep.

So sleep is very important even around your vaccination time for your immune body for your immune system to produce the right amount. Immune response after the vaccine.

Why we celebrate World Sleep Day 2021

I would like to extrapolate and to be safe to recommend patients to really get good night sleep all the time, but specially now during the pandemic, an right around the time of vaccination.

What we’re seeing lately is sometimes because of the length of the pandemic and the isolation stress is has kicked in an is we’re seeing interrupted sleep. There have been publications about dreams during the pandemic, or nightmares.

Or in situations in which the stress levels are increasing and affecting sleep as well, so difficulty sleeping, having nightmares. Again, stresses also bidirectional, because lower amounts of sleep can increase your stress levels, but at the same time, higher stress levels, anxiety can interrupt your sleep.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has recommended now to drop the time changes because of the the changes that it produces and the time to adapt to the new system and how it affects people.

So we want to turn electronics an inappropriate time. We recommend at least an hour before bedtime.

And start with relaxing activities for some people is reading a book or or for other people, especially in children singing songs, reading stories, having something relaxing in terms of avoiding certain substances, I would say avoid caffeine.

Even 6 to 7 hours before bedtime, so usually by 3:00 o’clock that should be. The limit so limit your caffeine for the morning or at lunch. The latest, but no caffeine in the afternoon.

Regular exercise as well. I go out have a walk in the afternoon, but not really high. Activating exercise right before bedtime, which also could delay you sleep.

Have your dinner a couple of hours before bedtime and maybe a snack, but not a high sugary or or a lot of liquids right before bedtime. That is going to make you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.


In this article, we have talked about World Sleep Day 2021. When World Sleep Day 2021 is celebrated and importance of World Sleep Day 2021. Sleep is one of the most important factor that keep us healthy and fit and we should encourage our sleeping pattern well that’s why we are celebrating World Sleep Day.

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