SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 full specifications and details

Full specifications of samsung galaxy Z fold 3

The samsung galaxy z fold 3 may be coming with a very unexpected design and I’ll be sharing the details in this article.

So today we’ve got plenty more confirmations on the samsung galaxy z fold 3 along with news of a very unexpected change in design.

Launching date of samsung galaxy Z fold 3

So the first story of the day is about the launch date of the samsung galaxy z fold 3. It’s always a hard one to estimate is it’s close to the note launch but then they never want to release two smartphones too close together this year.

However there’s going to be no note and i guess the samsung galaxy z fold 3 can be looked at as a more premium replacement at least for now sam mobile already issued a report detailing the samsung galaxy lineup and it does not include the note.

We also had news from samsung ceo dongjin co that there’s going to be no note this year due to semiconductor supply shortage but it isn’t discontinued.

Indefinitely the sound mobile report also tells us that the samsung galaxy z fold 3 is going to be released in q3 of this year and it’s going to be alongside the flip and the watch given that it was also a september launch last year.

Then I’m gonna guess that the galaxy z fold 3 is going to launch in mid-september of this year.

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Color of samsung galaxy Z fold 3

Now next up we’ve got the color variance leaked for the samsung galaxy z fold 3 and again it comes from a sam mobile report they previously advised us that it could be coming with at least 256 gb of storage and they now advise it it’s going to be available in a choice of black or green.

They do however state there’s a possibility of more appearing so don’t be too put off if these colors aren’t for you.

Samsung galaxy z fold 3 full specifications

We’ve still got plenty of reports coming through to say there’s also going to be s pen support on the samsung galaxy Z fold 3 and this does make sense if it’s replacing the note.

Full specifications of samsung galaxy Z fold 3

We’ve had multiple sources such as eating use a nice universe backing this information so it’s looking more and more likely the protective layer for the display has always been the issue for an s pen but it looks like the new ultra thin glass is thick enough and durable enough to allow a stylus to be used without damaging it.

Design of brand new samsung galaxy Z fold 3

Now next up we’ve got news of a new folding design from samsung that not only folds twice but it’s got an inward and an outward fold.

We’ve seen this in patents before and while I’m seeing a few publications claiming that this is going to be the samsung galaxy Z fold 3 it’s definitely not samsung already said that they’re going to diversify folding phones and we could expect a light version as well as a double fold.

So this is simply just a new design that’s going to be a brand new product if it does ever make it to market what we’re seeing patents and plenty of concepts of this new phone from samsung we still have no idea what it’s going to be called but given its look the z-fold branding is going to fit but it’s not going to be the Samsung galaxy z fold 3.

Samsung have continued to perfect the design of the z-fold series and it’s seen huge improvements across generations already. So we can expect the same for the samsung galaxy Z fold 3 it works well and it’s rapidly growing in popularity.

So there’s no reason for them to change just yet for those of you that are excited for the Samsung galaxy z fold 3.

More samsung galaxy Z fold 3 specifications and details

More specifications of samsung galaxy Z fold 3

We’re now going to run through the specs design and the expected pricing, we’re going to get right into it the inner display is likely to remain a similar size.

We’ve already got trimmed down bezels we can expect a 7.6 inch dynamic amoled display with a resolution of 1768 by 2208 and this will have a 120 hertz refresh rate.

The front screen is likely to remain the same as well which is a 6.2 inch super amoled with a resolution of 2260×816 the biggest change here is of course can be the screen protection with 60 micrometer ultra thin glass that not only helps with the durability but should also provide a nicer touch experience for the user.

Camera specifications of samsung galaxy Z fold 3

When it comes to the selfie camera we’ve got no information yet many reports and rumors are hinting at the first in-display selfie camera but we’ve got no idea what sensor or lens samsung are using for this.

On the rear it’s likely to be a triple or a quad camera setup, now samsung tend to keep things similar across their range.

So I would expect the new camera module that we’re seeing in the s range to be present and it’s likely that they’ll be using the similar 12 megapixel sensors instead of going with the 108 megapixel.

Camera specifications of samsung galaxy Z fold 3

When it comes to ram and storage samsung tend to push things high with the fold models so i would estimate the samsung galaxy z fold  3 to have 16 gigs of ddr5 ram this will be coupled with 128 256 or 512 storage.

It’s most likely gonna be powered by the snapdragon 875 plus and the exynos equivalent whatever they decide to name it and there are rumors of a 5 000 milliamp hour battery but personally i don’t see that happening.

They’re likely to remain at a similar size so with improvements of space internally in new tech I would estimate a minor increase.

So maybe something like 4 600 milliamp hours it will of course ship with one ui 3 based on android 11 and being so early on color variants just cannot be confirmed.

It will probably have as much water protection as they can but we’re unlikely to see any official ip ratings due to its difficult to waterproof design.

Price of samsung galaxy Z fold 3

We’re expecting an august launch and if things carry on as normal when it comes to the pricing we of course know it’s going to be a lot so we can expect between $ 2,000 and 2,100 if we see the usual price increment.

Now of course a lot of this is just sensible estimates on top of the leaks we have because we’re so far away from launch but i’ll be keeping you guys up to date as any new news comes in.

As always though I would like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is excited for the samsung galaxy z fold 3 and what do you think the new folding device from samsung is going to be called.


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