How does 5G work? Is 5G safe? 5G explained


As we all know 5G is becoming a great sensation or we can say a great trending topics nowadays. So many people are searching about what is 5g and how does it work is it dangerous for humans in this article i’ll answer all these questions.

What is 5G internet?

What is 5G internet?

First the word 5g represents 5th generation mobile network and indicates a massive transformation in our telecommunications 5g enables for self-driving cars drones and augmented in virtual reality think terminator style technologies like being able to scan someone’s face recognize them in a database and instantly know publicly available information or pai about them yup that’s not science fiction anymore that’s very possible.

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How does 5G works?

5g second 5th generation is actually a broad frequency spectrum ranging between 600 ml hertz to as high as about 90 gigahertz.

This is the first time that we’re moving into this millimeter wave technology and we can break down this technology into high medium and low frequency band 5g.

So high frequency 5g bands like verizon’s ultra wide band service between 28 giga to 39 gigahertz can promise extremely low latency that’s another matrix to basically say the network is fast instead of taking about 20 to 30 milliseconds to travel using 4g we estimate that with ultra high frequency wideband services you can get under 10 milliseconds.

If you want to send a packet of data from a sender to receiver oh and by the way depending on additional factors.

The amount of data that you can transmit in the high frequency is by our 1990s counterpart godly it’s expected to be like one to three gigabytes per second just think about that you can download a 60 gigabyte to 180 gigabyte video in one minute of course with this great performance comes a slight trade-off these high-frequency 5th generation bands.

How does 5G internet work?

Sometimes have a difficulty penetrating buildings walls and they could even be obstructed by trees likewise high frequency and ultra high frequency 5g bands can’t travel very far distances roughly around a mile or so from the source these are best utilized in urban environments and they could definitely be used to enable smart city technologies and infrastructures.

So to recap high frequency and ultra high frequency 5g bands that are anywhere between 24 gigahertz to 90 gigahertz are also called millimeter mm wave 5g now there are two other frequency bands low and medium now low frequency bands like t-mobile megahertz solution can service hundreds of miles of territory and provide speeds that are somewhere between 30 to 250 megabits per second likewise there’s a middle frequency band where you can service several miles at speeds between 100 to 900 megabytes per second it’s a nice sort of in between between high frequency and low frequency 5th generation bands.

Is 5G safe to use or not?

Now the final question is 5g dangerous now the current scientific consensus is no 5th generation like i said earlier is actually just a frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum similar to 3g and 4g just because it has scary words like ultra high frequency.

Does not mean it will cause cancer you literally get more radiation from the sun and your microwave operates in the upper ranges of the same frequency band now last i checked most homes have microwaves and we also normally recommend people go into the sun every day so enjoy your fast speeds and low latency and just relax 5th generation is essential as the population of the earth continues to increase with more people accessing high-speed low-latency services like vr ar semi-autonomous robots and integrated smart city iot services like instantaneous route planning and ride hailing services alright.


This was tech trending topics explained with 100% accurate information the article series where i explain difficult things around us using simple and hopefully understandable language.

Thank you for reading and before you go please put a comment on this article and share your thoughts about 5g what do you think about 5g after giving your valuable time to this article once again thanks for reading and see you next time.

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