Google Pixel 5a Specifications and details 2021 Best or not?


The google pixel 5a is looking incredible and today we are going to learn about Google Pixel 5a. So today we’ve got the first bits of detail for the google pixel 5a including its design the specs the launch date and the price.

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Google Pixel 5a launch date

Today’s articles on the first bit of news is about the launch date of the google pixel 5a when it comes to launching phones google are not very good at keeping secrets and the leaks tend to flood out very quickly one bit of information that has already slipped through the net is the launch date and thanks to Jon Prosser we know it’s going to be the 11th of june when it comes to launch dates.

Google Pixel 5a full specifications and details

Jon Prosser is quite often spot on and he tweeted a new google phone is coming june 11th but he wasn’t sure which one he then later followed up this tweet confirming that it will be the google pixel 5a there are also a few leaks coming through already in terms of pricing but no solid evidence to back them up it does seem.

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Google Pixel 5a full specifications and details

However that google are trying to price the same as last time which makes things a lot easier to estimate given the details coming through it seems very likely that the google pixel 5a is going to be priced at around 400 or 400 pounds which may be a tough task.

Google Pixel 5a display specifications

If they also want to keep 5g next up we’ve also got details of the design of the pixel 5a thanks to on leaks and it also provided a lot of surprises but overall good news the unibody design will of course be made of plastic and it measures in at 156.2 by 73.2 by 8.8 millimeters and interestingly enough that’s actually a bigger device than the five.

More you could think that’s because of thicker bezels it’s not the google pixel 5a will be larger than the 5 and the display is larger as well the google pixel 5a display is a 6.2 inch oled display with a full hd plus resolution and it’s got relatively even bezels all round and actually looks identical to the.

Google Pixel 5a Camera specifications

Google Pixel 5a

4a5g that we saw last year there were also leaks showing a punch-off selfie camera in the top center of the display but it looks like if these are to be real then this is for the design of the pixel 6 and not for the 5a moving on to cameras.

It’s a dual camera setup again and while these cameras are still unknown it’s very likely to be the same ones that we’ve seen on recent releases so that’s going to be a 12.2 megapixel wide angle with optical image stabilization and face detect autofocus and then the 16 megapixel ultra wide is the secondary.

Interesting facts about Google Pixel 5a

Even more interesting is the fact that the google pixel 5a will be sporting a three and a half millimeter headphone jack which wasn’t even present on the five we also still get the rear fingerprint scanner along with the stereo speakers it’s been a very strange release schedule from google in the past 12 months.

They’ve made a clear change to their strategy and the pricing which has made things very confusing for users the fact that they’ve pretty much removed the flagship altogether but then still provide a budget version makes things a lot harder to predict.

I mean if these leaks are true then there are actually some improvements over what is meant to be the premium model but of course if they can do this and keep the cost lower then that’s great news for everyone.

Google Pixel 5a processor specifications

Google Pixel 5a specifications

When it comes to the chipset being used no one’s leaked this just yet and it is a hard one to estimate it’s a budget model so it should have a slower system on chip than the 5.

The 4a used a 730g so the logical step up from that would be the 732 but unfortunately that’s not 5g they could use the same as the 4a5g and go with the snapdragon 765g but the downside to that is it’s more expensive and they do need to cut costs down.

There’s also a possibility that they could use something like the snapdragon 690 that we’ve seen in the n10 is it’s a well-priced chip for the mid-range and it of course still supports 5g.

Full specifications of Google Pixel 5a

So of course there is a little bit of guesswork in estimation here but already a lot of solid information coming through.

We’re now going to run through the full specs design and the pricing to help you guys decide if this is going to be the phone for you so this is of course going to be named the google pixel 5a.

We’re getting a 6.2 inch oled display with a resolution of 1080×2340 while we are seeing a lot of 90 hertz displays in the market at the moment and the pixel 5 was 90 hertz it does not look like this will be and on the 5a we’re going to get a 60 hertz display.

On the front we get an 8 megapixel wide angle camera for the selfies and this is of course in the form of a punch hole selfie camera in the top left corner on the rear we get the same camera setup we’ve been seeing for years which is a dual camera setup and an led flash the main camera is the 12.2 megapixel wide angle with optical image stabilization and phase detect autofocus and the secondary camera is the 16 megapixel ultra wide.

Google Pixel 5a gonna be capable of 4k videos at 30 or 60 frames a second.

The chipset is still very unknown but for now i’m going to estimate the snapdragon 690 and i’ll update this as soon as we get some solid information.

There’s expected to be one variant available and this is going to be six gigabytes of ram with 128 gig storage and the phone is going to be powered by a 3 85 milliamp hour battery with 18 watt fast charging.

We do of course get bluetooth 5 a fingerprint scanner on the rear and we also see the return of the three and a half mil headphone jack it’s going to come with android 11.

Now for those wanting to purchase we’re expecting them to aim around 400 or 400 pounds but this is still unconfirmed but overall it’s looking great and especially the pixel 5a is more aimed at the people that want a capable phone that also takes great photos and videos without breaking the bank.

It’s great that we have so much information already and if their previous releases are anything to go by then more and more info is going to come flooding in so that’s all we have to share for today however but as always i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is excited for the google pixel 5a and if not then what phone are you waiting for.


In this article, we have talked about Google Pixel 5a. You will get to find Google Pixel 5a full specifications and details in this article. Google always try something new and this time also they have tried new things in Google Pixel 5a, so let’s see what we’ll exactly get in Google Pixel 5a when It’ll launch.

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